Here are a few interesting links relating to Story Teller. If you have others that should be included, do send them on. Please note, however, that we will not accept links to download sites.


Facebook Group
Join other ST fans on Facebook. This fast-growing group consists of extremely friendly and knowledgeable members who are passionate about the collection. Projects that have been initiated by the group include the production of videos, digitisation of the collection and the ST music database which identifies the audio tracks used on the cassettes.

YouTube Channel
A dedicated YouTube channel putting all the stories in one place.

Story Teller Music Database
Identifies and locates the music tracks used on the cassettes.

The Story Tellers
The best way to enjoy  Story Teller online.

Story Teller on Wikipedia
This article, which I have contributed to myself, provides general information on Story Teller, including publishing history and a listing of the stories.

Marshall Cavendish
The publisher of Story Teller. Producing partworks is their expertise and you can see from this official website that they have published several successful titles over the decades.

A website that needs no introduction. Full sets of Story Teller and individual issues are often on offer.

If you’re after that elusive issue of Story Teller to complete your collection, this “independent low-frills service offering previously owned back issues of partworks” is likely to have it.


Interview with Geraldine McCaughrean
Geraldine was one of Story Teller’s in-house writers. She wrote such “exclusives” as the comical Santa stories, The Flying Piggy Bank, A Pocketful of Trouble, Neville Toogood and A Great Escape. In this interview, she raves about her stint at Story Teller.

Ann Burnett
Minnie the Floating Witch, The Circus Animals’ Strike, and Superbabe were original stories written for Story Teller by Ann Burnett. In this article, she talks about herself.

Ruth Ainsworth
Ruth Ainsworth wrote such unforgettable stories as The Snow Bear, Jack in the Box, The Ju-Ju Man and Kebeg.


Carole Boyd
She plays Linda Snell in the BBC radio soap, The Archers, and was one of the regular readers in Story Teller and a mainstay in Little Story Teller. Surprisingly, there isn’t much information about her on the web but this page at least provides a photo!

Steven Pacey
Steven Pacey read a wide variety of materials from all three series and was also heavily featured in Christmas Story Teller 3. Among many others, he read Upside Down Willie, The Marrog, George and the Dragon, and Father William.

George Layton
His voice is well known to Timbertwig fans for he read all six installments of the popular series. His other contributions to Story Teller included Simeon the Sorcerer’s Son and Ford’s Toy Cars.


Claire Mumford
Claire Mumford illustrated several stories including the five episodes of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Lynne Wyllie
This versatile artist had the honour of illustrating the greatest fairy tale of them all, Cinderella, as well as the serialisation of Heidi..

Francis Phillipps Gallery
This is a page from The Book Place. Francis Phillipps was my favourite illustrator from Story Teller. He worked on several titles including four big serials, Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat, Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse, Pinnochio and Peter Pan.

Roger Langton
Roger Langton illustrated Puss in Boots, The Pied Piper, and other stories.

Non-English Sites

I Raccontastorie
The Italian edition has been reissued on CD and this is the official website. It’s in Italian (naturally!) but you can see what the covers look like.

I Racconta Storie
A website by an Italian fan. Much of the website is in not in English but it’s still worth a visit for its fascinating photos of foreign editions of Story Teller.

The official website of the recently reissued Greek edition of Story Teller, this time with CD instead of cassette tapes. There’s not much there at the moment but it looks promising.

Raconte-moi des histoires
A French fansite. You can download MP3s and PDFs of stories from the first series.

Websites of Story Teller Fans

5 thoughts on “Links

  1. Naomi says:

    Hi, am fortunate to have bought 1 hardcover storyteller book, but i want the whole set. I am creating my own personal children’s lib, so please how do i go about buying the whole set. I live in lagos nigeria. Thank you.

  2. Roger Langton says:

    SO good to come across this website. I was one of the illustrators for Storyteller.
    The stories I illustrated were The Pied Piper of Hamelin and Puss in Boots. I also wrote and illustrated The Chocolate Soldier for the Christmas issue and Clumsy Cleo for Little Storyteller. Please check out my website It would be so good to have this series published again,although our styles of illustration have probably changed since then. Thanks and love to all Storyteller fans. Roger Langton

  3. Steph rogers says:

    I would love both series to be re released again, I lost mine and loved every story and would love to relive them again, plus what a lovely gift to children of this generation, how can we go about it ?

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