I Raccontra Storie

The Italian version of Story Teller was released as a two-series collection over two years like the UK edition between 1983 and 1984. Unlike the UK edition, however, the two series had different titles. The first series was called I Raccontra Storie (I Tell Stories) while the second was called C’era Una Volta (Once Upon a Time).

As far as I can determine, the special preview issue for Story Teller 2 (that was released in the UK as a freebie in Part 26 of Story Teller 1) was not published in Italy which means the final issue of I Raccontra Storie came with the regular 45-minute cassette. All three Christmas specials, however, were given an Italian release even though the third was based heavily on Little Story Teller, a series not published in Italy.

The story listing in the Italian edition is very similar to the UK edition. In I Raccontra Storie, the poems from the UK edition were retained, though it goes without saying they were translated. However, in C’era Una Volta the poems were replaced with activity pages.

The magazine covers did not follow the colour scheme of the UK edition and in many issues, different illustrations were placed on the cover.

I have found a few unusual changes in the artwork. Here are a couple:

In the picture below, look at the the illustrations of The Emperor’s New Clothes in the Italian edition (right). Anna Dzierzek illustrated the story in both the Italian and UK editions, but in the Italian edition, the emperor has a moustache and a beard and the men behind him wear different wigs. Apart from these differences, the rest of the illustrations are identical, but it makes you wonder why they made those changes in the first place.


The poem Oliphaunt, a poem from The Lord of the Rings about elephant-like animals with trunks that look like snakes, was re-interpreted rather than translated for the Italian edition. The poem was rewritten to be about a normal elephant and the artwork was changed to reflect this.


I Raccontra Storie was rereleased with CDs in the late 1990s but with completely different artwork, possibly because of rights issues. The new artwork bore no resemblance to the original, making the new version unpopular with the fans.

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