Synposes: Little Story Teller/Part 8

If You’re Happy and You Know it
Clap your hands, stamp your feet … anything goes with this song!

Leroy’s Journey
The Magic Mountain lion travels far and wide with his friends Digby and Spot. Listen to Leroy’s story and see where the journey ends.

The Ostrich
Listen to the poem, look at the picture, and make your arms and fingers into the animals mentioned.

The Lion who couldn’t Roar
When the little lion goes into the forest in search of his roar, which of the other animals plays a trick on him to help him find it? © Hilda Carson, first published by Penguin in Stories for Under-5s.

Tumbledown Town
Morris and Doris sing about the other side of Magic Mountain.

Over the Hills and Far Away
Sing along with the bright happy tune of Tom the piper’s son.

The Musicians of Bremen
Gillian Denton retells the classic adventure of four animal friends on their way to join the town band. An easy-to-read-aloud version of the story is given on the page.

Playing Animals
Children love to pretend to be their favourite animals. This rhyme offers some easy ways of enjoying the game.

Pete the Fire-engine
Ian Purdy tells the tale of a little fire-engine who finally get his big chance. Listen to the tape and see if you can imitate the sounds.

The Digby Ditty
Help Morris and Doris sing their song about the Magic Mountain robot.

Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 7

There was an Old Woman
While you sing the song, see how many of the old woman’s children you can count in the picture.

The Brand New Spell
It’s Jane’s turn to tell a Magic Mountain story. Listen out for the spell and see how it helps Morris and Doris solve a problem.

The Three Little Pigs
Geraldine McCaughrean retells the classic tale. Listen to the story on the tape and read the simplified version on the page. Which of the little pigs turns out to be the wisest of them all?

The Spider and the Fly
Say the poem with a friend. One of you can be the spider, one the fly!

Goosey Goosey Gander
Join in with Morris and Doris and sing the nonsense nursery rhyme.

The Kind-hearted Mouse
What does the mouse find in the little house? Can you imitate the sounds she hears in Ivy Russell’s story? From The Read-To-Me Story Book, pubished by Methuen Children’s Books.

Let’s Make a Doll’s House
The rhyme shows you how.

Bubble and Squeek’s Surprise
Bubble and Squeek are two little starfish. When their mother decides to do some spring-cleaning, there’s a surprise in store for one of them. A cartoon story by Peet Ellison.

Jane’s Song
Jane’s own Magic Mountain song.

Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 6

The Growing Stream
When Morris and Doris decide to go for a picnic in the park, strange things start to happen. Can your children count how many trees there are in Peagreen Park?

The Jumping Song
Join in with the hamsters as they sing the song, and then look at the picture. Where does the man jump?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
A new version by Gillian Denton of the classic fairy tale. Older children will be able to read brief and simple text – everyone can enjoy Snow White’s adventures as they listen to the tape.

Five Fat Peas
A poem which also makes a game to play with fingers and hands. Listen to the verse on the tape, and look at the illustration – the peas will show you how to play.

Three Little Kittens
A favourite nursery rhyme for mothers and children to sing together. Can y ou see where the mittens have gone to?

Rodney’s Wash-day
The elephant keeper has a lot of trouble trying to wash Rodney, until one day he has a brilliant idea. See if you can guess what it is before the end of the story. © Ann Burnett 1985.

Grown-up Clothes
A rhyme to give children some ideas for dressing-up games.

The Sunflower and the Rosebush
Why is the sunflower so sad? How does the rosebush cheer him up? Ian Purdy’s story supplies the answers.

Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 5

The Hamster’s Riddle
Can your children tell which Magic Mountain character Morris and Doris are singing about?

Spot Finds a Friend
Magic Mountain’s mischievous little puppy tells his own story. Spot’s words on the tape are reproduced word for word on the page.

Two Little Dicky Birds
A poem and game combined, to help children learn manual dexterity.

The Toys’ Tea Party
Ian Purdy’s story of how the toys get together to make the most of a rainy day. Spot which toy is which.

Round and Round the Garden
Morris and Doris sing the favourite action song which makes a tickling game for parents and children to enjoy.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Join Morris and Doris as they sing the well-loved nursery rhyme.

Jack and the Beanstalk
A new telling of the classic tale, written specially for younger children. Read aloud from the short version on the page, listen to the full narration on the tape.

Flower Pot Games
A rhyme with some play ideas. Try some of those in the illustration or invent your own games.

The Garden Under the Sea
Geoffrey Cowan’s fantasy tale in which a little girl meets a mermaid who introduces her to a magical underwater world.

Spot’s Song
Spot the dog’s famous catchphrase is finally set to music!

Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 4

Polly Put the Kettle On
The favourite tea-time song.

Dotty’s Pancake Day
Trevor the train joins the Magic Mountain team and tells a story about his favourite magic dragon. The tape narration is reproduced word for word on the page.

The Chicken’s Breakfast
Can your children spot what each of the chicks in the poem wants to eat?

Sammy’s Scarecrow’s Party
When the woodland creatures decide to give Sammy a birthday party, magic spells are everywhere. An easy-to-read-aloud version of Robert Moss’ story is given on the page. © Brimax Rights Ltd 1982.

Sing a Song of Sixpence
Sing along with Morris and Doris.

I Went Fishing
A poem set to music, about a very unusual fishing expedition.

The Frog, the Cat and the Little Red Hen
The classic tale of what happens to the animals who are too lazy to help in the kitchen. All the “let’s-say-it-again” dialogue is faithfully reproduced on the page.

The Three Biscuit Tins
A rhyme set to music which suggests ways of using tins as toys.

Clumsy Cleo
A cartoon-style story of a lovable princess whose awkwardness finally saves the day. Written and illustrated by Rodger  Langton.

The Pancake Song
When it’s Pancake Day on Magic Mountain, Morris and Doris love to sing their special song. How many other things are they eating?

Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 3

Lazy Mary
A question and answer song to start the day with. It doesn’t have to be about lazy Mary – any name will fit!

Jane’s Surprise
Morris the magic hamster introduces another of his friends from Magic Mountain in a new adventure.

Good Morning when it’s Morning
A poem that’s easy for children to learn and fun to recite.

Peace at Last
Find out how Mr Bear finally gets off to sleep, and enjoy imitating the noises in the narration. First published by Macmillan’s Children’s Books. © Jill Murphy 1980.

Hey Diddle Diddle
Join in with Morris and Doris as they sing about the cat and the fiddle, the cow and the moon.

I’m a Little Teapot
Children will love making themselves “teapot-shaped” as they sing along to the music on the tape.

The timeless pantomime tale brought to life on the tape, with a simplified version provided on the page.

The Red Blanket
A rhyme to give children some ideas for using their imagination as they play. It’s amazing what a blanket can become!

The Useful Dragon
Donald Bisset’s story of a dragon who brings happiness to a whole town. From Time and Again Stories, published by Methuen Books.

The Bedtime Song
Morris and Doris sing about just how quickly they can get themselves ready for bed when the time comes!

Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 2

Digby and the Jungle
Doris the Hamster introduces some new friends from Magic Mountain. Meet Leroy the roller-skating lion and Digby the robot gardener.

Come into the Ark
Encourage your children to sing alolng with the song, and help them to identify all the animals in the illustration.

My Naughty Little Sister
The Unexpected Visitor is the title of this story featuring Dorothy Edward’s mischievous young heroine. From More Naughty Little Sister Stories by Dorothy Edwards, published by Methuen Children’s Books.

How many cats can your children count in the picture? Can they recite the poem along with Doris? From The Children’s Bells by Eleanor Farjeon, published by OUP.

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Join Morris and Doris and help them sing sing one of their favourite nursery rhymes.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The famous tale retold, with plenty of the “let’s-say-it-again” dialogue that children love. A shorter version suitable for reading aloud is given on the page.

Shadow Animals
A rhyme to give children some ideas for creative play. See how many animals they can “make”, using just fingers and hands.

The Skinny Pig
Ian Purdy’s story of how Percy the pig overcomes his worries about his weight.

Ride a Cock-Horse
Morris and Doris say goodbye for now with a popular nursery rhyme.

Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 1

The Magic Mountain Song
Sing along with Moris and Doris, the two little hamsters.

Morris Goes Flying
Listen to the story on the tape and follow the pictures on the page. The illustrations are accompanied by a shorter version of Morris’s aerial adventure, designed for parents to read aloud.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
A musical nursery rhyme for bedtime. Can your children spot who is up in the sky with the little star?

Kind King Peter
A warm-hearted story about a king who is almost too kind for his own good. Older children can read the simple version on the page – everyone can enjoy the lively narration on the tape.

A song that also makes an ideal clapping game. Make up your own versions, to help children learn co-ordination.

The Ugly Duckling
Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale. The tape narration is reproduced word-for-word on the page, so that children can link sounds and words.

What is a Box?
In each issue Little Story Teller suggests ways of using an everyday household object as a toy. In Part 1, fun with a cardboard box. Children may remmber the rhyme and use the ideas when they are playing.

Dotty the Magic Dragon
Moris tells a story about one of his friends from the Magic Mountain. Can your children identify all the objects in Dotty’s kitchen?

Dotty’s Song
Morris and Doris join Dotty in her dragon ditty. A cathy song to sing along to.

Synopses: ST2/Part 26

The Mermaid who Couldn’t Swim
Geoffrey Cowan’s warm-hearted story of the lifelong friendship between a boy and an exotic sea-creature.

Give it to Zico! (Part 2)
Excitement reaches fever-pitch as the young footballer strives to reach his ultimate goal – a place in the cup final team!

Mandy and the Space Race
Only the speed of a robot brain can win this race against time. The story, originated by Anth Ginn, was adapted by Marie-Pierre Moine.

Somewhere Safe
Winter is coming, but one little bird is left out in the cold. Which of the trees in the wood will shelter him until spring?

Noggin and the Money
More adventures from Oliver Postgate and illustrator Peter Firmin, set in the court of Noggin the Nog. When Olaf the Lofty, Inventor to the King, thinks up the idea of money, it looks like costing him dear.

Harlequin and Columbine (Part 3)
Small wonder Harlequin is sad!
For Columbine must married be
And to a man less good than bad
Who writes appalling poetry.

Geraldine McCaughrean’s three-part serialisation, based on traditional Italian tales, comes to its dramatic conclusion.

Synopses: ST2/Part 25

It Takes Time to Teach a King
Susan Moxley is both author and illustrator of this story of a heroic Greek king who learns a lesson in humility when he finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings.

Harlequin and Columbine (Part 2)
In this second part of our tale of comedy and romance, Harlequin makes plans to outwit another of his rivals for Columbine’s affections, the boastful Captain Spaventi.

Cabbage and the Foxes
The adventure of a mischievous little puppy who strays too far beyond the garden fence to try and make friends.

The Donkey who Fetched the Sea
Ian McLellan’s charming tale of how a donkey wins immortality.

Give it to Zico! (Part 1)
On the sunny beaches of Brazil a boy dreams of playing football for his favourite team. In this first episode, Zico’s friends try to make his dream come true.

The Electric Imps
In the land of Nevermind the Electric Monster is frightening everyone for miles around. Can the Imps come to the rescue? Tony King illustrates his own exciting story.

If You Should Meet a Crocodile
A cautionary poem about the creature with the ever-ready jaws.