You have found the most complete and comprehensive website dedicated to Story Teller, in my mind the greatest collection of children’s stories and poems ever produced.

Here, you’ll find a complete story listings, reviews, synopses, articles,  background information on the collection, and so much more. It’s a work in progress but it aims to become the ultimate Story Teller resource online.

So feel free to explore and enjoy once again the spellbinding world of Story Teller. And once you’re back in the real world (reluctantly), do contact me with your comments and suggestions.

For this is only the beginning, and with your help this website will keep the memory of Gobbolino, Timbertwig and Grogre the Ogre alive for years to come. And who knows, it might even encourage the good people of Eaglemoss (who have bought the rights from Marshall Cavendish) to re-release the series, this time on CD …

The boring legal bit:

This is an unofficial website. It is neither endorsed by nor has any association with Marshall Cavendish, or Eaglemoss which is the owner of the copyright and all other intellectual property rights connected with Story Teller.