Story Teller 1 Part 7

On the cover of part 7 we have three eye catching pictures. The main picture is from The Snow Queen and features Kai and Gerda riding a reindeer and looking very happy indeed – rather majestic in my opinion! The other two are from Little Spook of Spook Hall and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

The colour of this issue is orange. The colour orange means adventure and social communication/friendship. This issue was certainly full of adventure and tales of friends helping each other where possible.

Stories in this issue:

  • The Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Snow Queen
  • A Pocket full of Trouble
  • Little Spook of Spook Hall
  • The Silly Tortoise
  • Timbertwig Gets a New Hat
  • Faster than Fairies

As with the previous parts of ST we have a number of wonderful musical pieces which simply sweep us along and deeper into the stories presented. The composers are many and varied. Norman Candler/Gerhard Narholz’s music accompanies The Three Billy Goats Gruff – fun and jovial stuff! Candler was a composer of easy listening and film scores. Later in his career he was involved in movies such as The Lion King and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Readers in this issue included Nigel Pegram, Liza Goddard and George Layton. George Layton returned primarily to continue the adventures of Timbertwig – doing a stellar job as he had done before! Liza Goddard read the Snow Queen and did so beautifully – casting a magic spell of her own as we listened enchantedly! Liza is best known for starring in Woof (CITV) and was the female captain in Give us a Clue for many years.
Nigel Pegram was an actor and did some great voice acting in All Dogs go to Heaven and Fivel goes West.

Overall view
Part 6 of ST volume 1 continued the high level of quality we had come to expect. The Timbertwig serial’s third installment was a fine adventure: Granny Knot throws Timbertwig’s hat in the fire and somehow he had to find a new hat and a home for Abigail. Lots of laughter ensue!

The Snow Queen is a masterful retelling of this well known story and really weaves a spell on the listener.

My favourite story in this issue has to be Little Spook of Spook Hall. It tells the story of a little ghost in search of his scream – humorous to listen to. Perhaps the take away thought is: whatever you are aiming for in your life keep striving until you get there – all things are possible!!

The poem, Faster than Fairies, tells a story of a train journey as it races through the countryside, “charging along like troops in a battle”. What a masterful picture the words paint for us! Makes me want to go on a train ride asap!! The things you can see from a train – stunning scenery in the British Isles! We are lucky, aren’t we?

Until next time: happy reading!!

Review by Graeme Johnston

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