Timbertwig Writer Writes

Peet Ellison, writer and illustrator of popular Story Teller character Timbertwig, has visited the website. He sent me a message on Facebook and here’s what he said:

“I’ve just checked out your new website. Great work – I have to admire your dedication. It’s nice to know Story Teller still has a strong following, and I know that you have been lobbying for years to see it published once more. You never know, it may happen one day.”

Peet had recently written an article for he website, From Timbertwig to Wurzelweig.

2 thoughts on “Timbertwig Writer Writes

  1. Suzie Hutton - editorial consultant says:


    I wonder if anyone here can help me find Story Teller’s Timbertwig creator Peet Ellison. My colleagues and I are working with the holders of Story Teller’s copyright owners Eaglemoss Collections and we want to get in touch with Peet with a view to exploring further work with him.

    I have tried Facebook and can’t find him in any directories. Can anyone help?

    Many thanks, Suzie.

    • housefinch says:

      Hi Suzie
      Did you have any luck getting Peets details. I was inspired by timber twig as a child and was thinking about using the name for my new company but wanted to know if this was all allowed first.

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