Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 6

The Growing Stream
When Morris and Doris decide to go for a picnic in the park, strange things start to happen. Can your children count how many trees there are in Peagreen Park?

The Jumping Song
Join in with the hamsters as they sing the song, and then look at the picture. Where does the man jump?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
A new version by Gillian Denton of the classic fairy tale. Older children will be able to read brief and simple text – everyone can enjoy Snow White’s adventures as they listen to the tape.

Five Fat Peas
A poem which also makes a game to play with fingers and hands. Listen to the verse on the tape, and look at the illustration – the peas will show you how to play.

Three Little Kittens
A favourite nursery rhyme for mothers and children to sing together. Can y ou see where the mittens have gone to?

Rodney’s Wash-day
The elephant keeper has a lot of trouble trying to wash Rodney, until one day he has a brilliant idea. See if you can guess what it is before the end of the story. © Ann Burnett 1985.

Grown-up Clothes
A rhyme to give children some ideas for dressing-up games.

The Sunflower and the Rosebush
Why is the sunflower so sad? How does the rosebush cheer him up? Ian Purdy’s story supplies the answers.

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