Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 2

Digby and the Jungle
Doris the Hamster introduces some new friends from Magic Mountain. Meet Leroy the roller-skating lion and Digby the robot gardener.

Come into the Ark
Encourage your children to sing alolng with the song, and help them to identify all the animals in the illustration.

My Naughty Little Sister
The Unexpected Visitor is the title of this story featuring Dorothy Edward’s mischievous young heroine. From More Naughty Little Sister Stories by Dorothy Edwards, published by Methuen Children’s Books.

How many cats can your children count in the picture? Can they recite the poem along with Doris? From The Children’s Bells by Eleanor Farjeon, published by OUP.

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Join Morris and Doris and help them sing sing one of their favourite nursery rhymes.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The famous tale retold, with plenty of the “let’s-say-it-again” dialogue that children love. A shorter version suitable for reading aloud is given on the page.

Shadow Animals
A rhyme to give children some ideas for creative play. See how many animals they can “make”, using just fingers and hands.

The Skinny Pig
Ian Purdy’s story of how Percy the pig overcomes his worries about his weight.

Ride a Cock-Horse
Morris and Doris say goodbye for now with a popular nursery rhyme.

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