Synopses: ST2/Part 9

Peter Dennis is author and illustrator of this science fiction adventure, picturing a time and place where huge robots help with more than just the work!

Molly Whuppie
This well known story has been told many times, but never to better effect than by Walter de la Mare. His version appears by permission of his Literary Trustees and the Society of Authors as their representatives.

Young Kate
From the poet Eleanor Farjean comes the story of a young house maid who has never visited the countryside. It is taken from The Little Bookroom published by O.U.P., permission of David Higham Associates Ltd.

Upside-Down Willie
Dorothy Clewes wrote many adventures for Willie. In this two-part story, he becomes a circus star – well, almost.

Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse (Part 4)
The priest is on his way to Hurricane Mountain. But what will happen when he reaches the witch’s magic ring of fire? Will he frizzle up, never to be seen again?

A twilight encounter with a deer is beautifully described by Rachel Field in this haunting poem taken from Taxis and Toadstools.

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