Synopses: ST2/Part 7

Traveller Ned
When a poor young man enters a deserted castle he little knows that it will change his life forever.

Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse (Part 2)
Before Gobbolino can save his sister Sootica, he and the Little Wooden Horse must brave dangers of their own. Francis Phillipps’ portrayal of the two friends brings extra magic to their adventures.

Little Bear and the Beaver
The stories of Evelyn Davies are often set in the pioneer days of the  Wild West. This one is taken from Little Bear’s Feather, published by Hamish Hamilton Limited.

The Ju-Ju Man
First published in The Cherry Stones, this story appears by permission of Wm. Heinneman Ltd.

A Song for Slug
Nick and Linnie Price worked together to produce this quaint, musical entertainment. Nick drew the pictures, Linnie wrote the words.

Larkspur gets her Wings
An original story by Christine Boardman, but one which draws upon the tradition of classic fairy tales. The illustrations are by John Lupton.

Windy Nights
The excitement and pace of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous poem have guaranteed its popularity for almost 100 years.

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