Synopses: ST2/Part 6

Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse (Part 1)
It is 40 years since Ursula Moray Williams wrote Gobbolino, the Witch’s Cat, and even longer since the best selling Adventures of a Little Wooden Horse. In her new book, specially abridged for Story Teller, the author has written an adventure story incorporating both her popular heroes. The full version will be published soon by Penguin Books.

The Wizard of Oz
(Part 6: The Final Journey)
Fearing that she may be stranded in Oz forever, Dorothy and her friends set out on another incredible journey. In the Land of the Quadlings she discovers magical powers she never dreamt of, and her amazing adventures come to an end in the sweetest place of all.

The Farmer, the Tomt and the Troll
Eric Maple’s retelling of a traditional Swedish story warns against cheating the tomts – the “little people” of Sweden.

Shorty the Satellite and the Shooting Star (Part 3)
More cartoon fun in outer space from Malcolm Livingstone.

The Fishing Stone
From Chaz Brenchley, a fresh new talent in children’s writing, comes a mystical story rich in the atmosphere of fairy tales.

Silly Old Babboon
Sprinting down the runway of Spike Milligan’s imagination is one very ambitious baboon. This poem, from A Book of Milliganimals, is reproduced by permission of  Dobson Books Ltd.

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