Synopses: ST2/Part 5

The Snow Bear
This charming story by Ruth Ainsworth appeared in the Pirate Ship and other stories, published by William Heinemann Limited.

The Inn of Donkeys
A tale of mystery and magic from China – a country so vast that even the experienced traveller can stray into unknown regions.

Shorty the Satellite and the Brigadier (Part 2)
In which our space hero saves a boastful cruiser from the brink of a Black Hole.

The Nightingale
Even in ancient Persia, there were those who had qualms about keeping birds captive and caged. This centuries-old story voices their misgivings.

Hugo and the Man who Stole Colours
Tony Ross, who teaches art in Manchester, is one of  the most popular illustrators in the field of children’s publishing. His award-winning artwork has enhanced books by a variety of authors. In this case, however, he has written the story himself.

The Wizard of Oz
(Part 5: A Great and Terrible Humbug)
Dorothy and her friends return to Oz to claim their reward – but everything is not quite what it seems.

A witch’s brew cooked up by Shelagh McGee. It comes from her collection, Smile Please, published by Robson Books.

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