Synopses: ST2/Part 4

Shorty the Satellite and the Lost Rocket (Part 1)
On patrol in deepest space, Shorty discovers that one or two of his friends are in urgent need of help … Join him on his first adventure in this new series written by Anth Ginn.

The Wizard of Oz
(Part 4: Quest for the Wicked Witch)
Dorothy and her friends now face their most dangerous task yet. Will they be able to overcome the evil magic of the Wicked Witch of the West?

Petrushka and the other puppets enact a very human play in the showman’s theatre. But when the entertainment is over, the drama continues. Stravinsky’s famous ballet is based on this haunting Russian folk tale.

The Garden
All the animals help to make a beautiful garden especially for a Princess – but soon it’s time to do the weeding!

Master of the Lake
Clever young Avram pits his wits against the powerful Master of the Lake in a most unequal contest – or is it?

The Lord of the Rushie River (Part 2)
Susan settles down happily with her foster family of swans in this last part of Cicely Mary Barker’s classic.

Sir Henry Newbolt, poet and official Naval Historian, wrote this charming children’s poem.

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