Synopses: ST2/Part 26

The Mermaid who Couldn’t Swim
Geoffrey Cowan’s warm-hearted story of the lifelong friendship between a boy and an exotic sea-creature.

Give it to Zico! (Part 2)
Excitement reaches fever-pitch as the young footballer strives to reach his ultimate goal – a place in the cup final team!

Mandy and the Space Race
Only the speed of a robot brain can win this race against time. The story, originated by Anth Ginn, was adapted by Marie-Pierre Moine.

Somewhere Safe
Winter is coming, but one little bird is left out in the cold. Which of the trees in the wood will shelter him until spring?

Noggin and the Money
More adventures from Oliver Postgate and illustrator Peter Firmin, set in the court of Noggin the Nog. When Olaf the Lofty, Inventor to the King, thinks up the idea of money, it looks like costing him dear.

Harlequin and Columbine (Part 3)
Small wonder Harlequin is sad!
For Columbine must married be
And to a man less good than bad
Who writes appalling poetry.

Geraldine McCaughrean’s three-part serialisation, based on traditional Italian tales, comes to its dramatic conclusion.

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