Synopses: ST2/Part 24

Harlequin and Columbine (Part 1)
Our new serial is based on the tales of romance and intrigue of Renaissance Italy, known as Commedia dell’Arte. In this first part Harlequin starts work in Pantalone’s house and first sets eyes on the beautiful Columbine.

The City of Lost Submarines (Part 3)
Anth Ginn and Malcolm Livingstone’s undersea adventure reaches its final episode, in which UK and Devo enlist the help of a most unusual sea monster.

The Kind Scarecrow
A charming tale from Wendy Eyton, relating how a scarecrow’s generosity to the birds of the field is eventually repaid.

Seadna and the Devil
Felicity Hayes-McCoy retells the ancient Irish legend of a cunning little shoemaker.

The Birthday Candle
Sharon tries to blow out the candles on her cake – with mysterious results.

In the footsteps of Superman and Supergirl comes author Ann Burnett’s brave young hero … Superbabe!

Upon my Golden Backbone
Mervyn Peake’s poem about a strange floating crature first appeared in Rhymes Without Reason, published by Methuen Children’s Books.

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