Synopses: ST2/Part 23

Cyril Snorkel – the Performing Beast
Korky Paul’s zany tale about an acrobat, a princess and a ring.

Dorrie and the Witch’s Visit
Just when it’s important to make a good impression the Big Witch’s magic gets her in an awful fix.

What the Smoke Said
A story from Chaz Brenchley in which a boastful young man learns about the balance of Nature.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Part 5)
The final part of Jane Edmonds’ adaptation takes Alice from a dance at the seaside to a crazy courtroom drama.

The City of Lost Submarines (Part 2)
Neptune is worried the the sea is losing its salt. In this, the second episode of Anth Ginn and Malcolm Livingstone’s undersea adventure, UK the submarine discovers the reason why.

Simon Rhymon
It’s always chaos when Simon’s around – he  just can’t stop rhyming. This account of Simon’s best day comes from More Stories from Listen with Mother, published by Hutchinson.

The Sunlight Falls Upon the Grass
One of Mervyn Peake’s ever-popular poems for youngsters. It was first published by Methuen Children’s Books in Rhymes Without Reason in 1974.

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