Synopses: ST2/Part 21

Never Tangle with a Tengu
Geraldine McCaughrean’s lively variation on a traditional folk tale about a naughty boy, a Japanese goblin – and an invisible-making rice-straw coat!

Emergency! Evacuate! Alpha, Astra and their parents escape their planet as it disappears under water – but what happens to the Diggersaurs? Based on an original idea by illustrator, Peter Dennis.

Nothing like a Bath
All the creatures in the farmyard get together to discuss the best way to take a bath. This story was first published in Holidays on the Farm by Blackie and Son Ltd.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Part 3)
Alice joins in a most unusual tea-party in this, the third instalment of Lewis Carroll’s classic story, adapted by Jane Edmonds.

The Neat and Tidy Kitchen
The farmer’s wife does like her kitchen to be perfect – but who are those guests the farmer insists on inviting home?

Tommy’s Shadow
A boy’s troublesome shadow takes him to far-flung lands in search of a cure.

My Mother Said
A skipping poem that has delighted generations of children.

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