Synopses: ST2/Part 2

The Magic of Funky Monkey
Conjured up for Story Teller by Sheila Richmond, and brought to life by Claire Mumford, Funky Monkey becomes apprenticed into the zany world of magic-making.

The Snake and the Rose
A garden romance from the pen of Wendy Eyton, illustrated in a fittingly romantic style by Charmian Veitch.

Rumbles in the Jungle (Part 2)
It wasn’t Mungo’s turn rumbling – it was trouble afoot in the shape of Skinny Malinx and the Scareb Twins. Can King Zamoosa be rescued? Will jungle juice forever bubble into the hands of the treacherous Skinny?

The Wizard of Oz
(Part 2: In the Forest)
Frank Baum’s classic continues as Dorothy meets more friends in need of the Wizard’s help, and learns of the dangers ahead.

The Wind in the Willows: the Wild Wood
Mole ignores Ratty’s warnings and goes into the dark wood. But tragedy is averted when Mole stumbles across a very shy inhabitant of the Wild Wood.

The Troll
A warning verse from American poet, Jack Prelutsky, to all children who might stray into a troll’s path.

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