Synopses: ST2/Part 17

Longtooth’s Tale (Part 1)
The first episode of a two-part story about a walrus – and Viking adventure on the high seas! It is written by Nicholas Ford.

Shubiki’s Hat
Susan Moxley both wrote and illustrated this happy history of a herbaceous hat, and the girl who wore it.

Big Red Head (Part 1)
A zanny new two-part serial written specially for Story Teller by Korky Paul. This tale of a boy, his aunt and a mad mountain is illustrated by the author.

The Tree that Sang
From Chaz Brenchley, author of The Horn Flute and Touching Silver, comes a confrontation between a wizard and a troll.

Too Many Buns for Rosie
Biscuits and buns spell disaster for jumbo-sized Rosie who eats because she is unhappy. Mel Knights tells the touching story of an elephant with a weight problem.

Peter Pan (Part 4)
First published by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. The book, from which this adaptation is made, s part of the Peter Pan gift, and Sir James Barrie’s royalties go to help The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children in London, to whom Sir James bequeathed the copyright of Peter Pan.

The Moon
Robert Louis Stevenson’s atmospheric night-time poem, which was first published in A Child’s Garden of Verses.

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