Synopses: ST2/Part 13

Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby
One of the best known of Uncle Remus’s tales. Joel  Chandler Harris wrote Uncle Remus, His Songs and His Sayings in 1880, but the negro stories it contained had come with the slaves from African and were ancient even then.

Geordie’s Mermaid
This charming story gives its title to a collection of Sheila Glen Bishop’s children’s stories. It is abridged by permission of Methuen & Co Ltd., who published Geordie’s Mermaid and other stories.

Grogre the Golden Ogre (Part 3)
In this final episode, Grogre and his companions find themselves in the city of Black Ogres. Now the battle for the  Sun-stones is on, and Grogre must use all his wits to overcome the evil King. But will they then be allowed to leave?

An explanation offered by the Efik-Ibibio tribe as to why Sun and Moon live in the sky.

Toad of Toad Hall (Part 4)
Toad returns home to some unwelcome news, but his friends are all set to help him in this, the last episode of Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows.

The Princess who met the North Wind
Specially written for Story Teller by Wendy Eyton, this is a modern story with an old moral. A spoilt Princess wants the stars themselves – but is given something much more valuable!

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