Synopses: ST2/Part 10

Toad of Toad Hall (Part 1)
Following glimpses of life on the riverbank, in Wind in the Willows, Story Teller brings you the climax of Kenneth Grahame’s book, in four exciting parts starring that incorrigible enthusiast, Toad.

Simeon the Sorcerer’s Son (Part 1)
Peter Wingham is both author and artist of this super new cartoon adventure. Simeon’s self-taught magic – and awful handwriting – land him in deep trouble!

Anansi and the Python
The first and perhaps best known of the traditional West Indian stories about Anansi the spiderman. The African setting recalls a time when the slaves who originally told it were free men in their own land.

Stone Drum
A variation on the old theme of suitors striving to win a bride by performing an impossible task.

Upside-Down Willie (Part 2)
Willie returns to the circus, certain that his talent will bring him fame in the ring.

Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse (Part 5)
Our two friends’ adventures come to a thrilling conclusion on Hurricane Mountain, in this the final episode of our serial.

One of Eleanor Farjean’s best loved poems, imitating the rhythmic tramp of Hannibal’s army over the Alps.

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