Synopses: ST2/Part 1

The Wizard of Oz (Part 1)
“A modernised fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heartaches and nightmares are left out,” is how author L. Frank Baum described this delightful classic, first published in 1900. In this six-part serialisation by Jane Edmonds, we have gone back to Baum’s original text and invited Peter Dennis to provide original illustrations.

The creatures with Beautiful Eyes
Author James Lauder “discovered” this ancient Maori legend in a dry old book of anthropology. While keeping the essence of the original, he has produced a fable with a timeless message. Illustrated by Roger Garland.

The Circus Animals’ Strike
An amusing tale of what can happen when the animals decide to help each other. Written by Ann Burnett, a contributor to children’s television programmes, and illustrated by Rowan Clifford.

Yushkin the Watchmaker
Old Yushkin’s eyes fail him during a very urgent repair, so his son Vladamir has just one night to mend the Princess’ watch. Written by Harold Hyatt. Illustrated by Francis Phillipps.

Rumbles in the Jungles (Part 1)
The first of a two-part humorous strip cartoon written and illustrated by Korky Paul.

The Dancing Fairies
A charming Swedish folk tale about a young servant boy whose idle day-dreaming leads him into an unknown but irresistible world of fairies. Written by Eric Maple and illustrated by Gabrielle Stoddart.

There Once was a Puffin
An annonymous poem about a poor, sad young puffin who finds happiness when he makes some unusual friends. Illustrated by Tony Ross.

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  1. Julie Arsenault says:

    I couldn’t find the original source material for “The Dancing Fairies” anywhere online

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