Synopses: ST1/Part 9

Folk Takes of the World
Abdulla and the Genie
This much-travelled story, found among the Arabian Nights tales, has both suspense and humour. A poor fisherman nets more than he bargains for, but quick thinking and a sense of humour comes to his rescue.

The Story Teller Serial
Dot and the Kangaroo (Part 2: Dot and the Hunters)
Lost in the outback, Dot is being well looked after by the kind Kangaroo. But Kangaroo herself is in constant danger – from Man. Writing in the last century, Ethel C. Pedley was clearly a pioneer of wildlife conservation.

Cartoon Heroes
Jester and the Vanishing castle (Part 2)
Jester Minute unravels the mystery of the disappearing castle in this exciting second episode.

Famous Fables
The Boy who cried Wolf
A foolish boy tells one too many lies in Aesop’s classic tale.

Tales of Today
Neville Toogood
A little angel, that’s Neville. Then one day something happens to “transform” him. This zany story, written by Geraldine McCoughrean, is fittingly illustrated by Terry Burton.

Classic Fairy Stories
The Pied Piper
In 1284 the German town of Hamelin was overrun by rats, then “lost” all its children to the rat-catcher. And an isolated community in Transylvania still claims that its ancestors came as children from a distant land, led by a piper. Could this darkly compelling story, preserved over hundreds of years, be based on actual facts?

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