Synopses: ST1/Part 7

The Magic World of Animals
The Billy Goats Gruff
One by one, the goats set off for the summer pastures. But a hungry troll is lying in wait as they clatter across the one and only bridge. Artist Malcolm Livingstone brings his inimitable style of illustration to this favourite story.

Classic Fairy Stories
The Snow Queen
Carol Watson retells Hans Andersen’s story of the little boy whose heart is frozen by the Queen of Winter. Only the warmth of little Gerda’s love can rescue him from slavery.

Cartoon Heroes
A Pocketful of Trouble
Wilfred steals a magnet – and attracts all kinds of trouble. Kim Whybrow illustrates this cautionary tale written specially for Story Teller by Geraldine McCaughrean.

Tales of Today
Spook of Spook Hall
How can a young ghost frighten anyone if he can’t even scream? Eric Maple and Francis Phillipps combine to tell the story of Little Sppok’s first tirumph.

Folk Tales of the World
The Silly Tortoise
This black joke is told all over the world – about the tortoise who should have kept his mouth shut!

The Story Teller Serial
Timbertwig Gets a New Hat (Part 3)
In this last adventure by Peet Ellison, Timbertwig goes in search of a new home for Abigail after Granny Knot burns his hat. [Webmaster’s note: Timbertwig made a comeback in Parts 22 and Part 23 and in Christmas Story Teller 1.]

Rhymes and Verse
Faster than Fairies
For a hundred years, Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem has continued to capture the sights and magic of a train journey.

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