Synopses: ST1/Part 6

Classic Fairy Stories
Beauty and the Beast
This story of the lonely monster and his lovely captive has caught the imagination of writers, artists and children since it was first written by Mme de Villeneuve. Retold by Jill Murphy.

Cartoon Heroes
Dodo and the Pot of Gold
Dodo’s enormous appetite gets him into trouble with a robber. Created by Malcolm Carrick.

The Story Teller Serial
Timbertwig and the Caravan of Surprises (Part 2)
When Granny Knot gets a cold, Timbertwig has to do the shopping. But that’s fun when the local shop is run by Mr Misfit.

Tales of Today
The Flying Piggy-Bank
If your piggy bank has eaten all your money, it’s time for a trip to the Royal Mint to pick some more. And who better to fly you there and collect it than the pig himself?

Rhymes and Verse
The Land of the Bumbley Boo
So hurry, let’s run
The train leaves at one
… for Spike Milligan’s magical, zany world of poetry.

The Magical World of Animals
The Moon and the Millpond
Naughty Brer Rabbit brings his own brand of mischief to the Deep South when he decides that things are just too peaceful and plans a fishing trip with a difference.

Folk Tales of the World
The Friendly Bear
Otto’s white bear is intended as a present for the King of  Denmark. But when greedy trolls threaten to spoil Christmas, a friendly bear can come in very useful indeed …

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