Synopses: ST1/Part 5

The Story Teller Serial
Timbertwig (Part 1)
Timbertwig lives in Wiggly Wood with his Granny Knot and best friend Abigail. But not everyone in the wood is as cheerful as Timbertwig. Written and illustrated by Peet Ellison.

Famous Fables
The Fox and the Crow
The wily fox proves that flattery gets you anything – from someone as vain as the crow. Aesop’s story is retold by Jane Edmonds.

Tales of Today
Drummerboy and the Gypsy
The story of a boy’s love for a stray pony and the friendship they form because of the thrilling adventure they share. An adapted excerpt from “Applegate” by Fiona Citroen, published by Nelson’s Young World.

Classic Fairy Stories
Grimms’ famous tale of the girl with long flaxen hair imprisoned in a tall tower by a wicked witch.

The Magical World of Animals
Virgil’s Big Mistake
Taken from an ancient Chinese anecdote and transported to the Wild West, this tells how a mean old hunter finally gets his comeuppance from a bear.

Cartoon Heroes
Jester Minute (Part 2)
The timid court jester risks life and limb in the final confrontation with Badweb in the second part of Peter Wingham’s story.

Rhymes and Verse
O Here it is
A piece of nonsense from the pen of Mervyn Peake.

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