Synopses: ST1/Part 4

Great Myths and Legends
Narana’s Strange Journey
From the wastes of Lapland comes the story of a huge giant and the woman who “climbed” him.

Rhymes and Verse
Rhubarb Ted
Nonsense fun from the vegetable patch with Anne O’Connor’s poem.

The Story Teller Serial
Gobbolino the Kitchen Cat (Part 4)
In the final episode, the witch’s kitten meets up with several old friends – and finds a happy home at last!

Folk Tales of the World
Noisy Neighbours
Difficult neighbours are nothing new. To prove it, we’ve brought this ancient Chinese joke up to date.

Cartoon Heroes
Jester Minute (Part 1)
Jester is sick of being laughed at. So when Badweb captures the White Queen, he decides to show the other toys he’s a real hero …

Classic Fairy Stories
The Princess and the Pea
The prince has searched in vain for a real princess the world over – then finds one on his own doorstep in this light-hearted Hans Andersen story.

Famous Fables
The Ant and the Grasshoper
Jane Edmonds retells the salutary story of the lazy grasshopper and the industrious ant.

Tales of Today
Santa’s Early Christmas
Christmas is losing its sparkle for Santa. Why can’t people have it at a warmer time of year? Specially written for Story Teller by Geraldine McCaughrean, this is the hilarious story of what happens when Santa takes matters into his own hands.

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