Synopses: ST1/Part 23

The Story Teller Serial
Timbertwig’s Birthday (Part 5)
Peet Ellison depicts our last episode in the life of his little hero, and assembles all your favourite characters for a very special treasure hunt. [Webmaster’s note: In fact, Timbertwig’s final appearance was in Christmas Story Teller 1.]

Cartoon Heroes
Waldorf’s Fantastic Trip (Part 2)
In a blaze of glorious colour, the absent-minded mouse makes a bid for freedom.

Classic Fairy Stories
“Out the little woman jumped; and whether she broke her neck, or ran into the wood and was lost; or was taken up by the constable and sent to the House of Correction, I cannot tell. But the Three Bears never saw more of her …” So ends the story by Southey on which Goldilocks is based. See for yourself how the heroine has changed since 1837.

Rhymes and Verse
Dad and the Cat and the Tree
Kit Wright’s poem first appeared in his anthology, Rabbiting On, a Fontana Lions Original.

Folk  Tales of the World
The Faery Flag
Beryl Maude-Jones found this tale proudly preserved among the traditions of a Scottish castle.

Tales of Today
The Runaway Piano
Inspired by the magic of a rare blue moon, the enchanting story of Trumpel the piano and his friend the white elephant was written by Eugenie Summerfield, a well-known radio playwright.

Famous Fables
The Frog, the Cat and the Little Red Hen
Here, for once, is an English fable – a Victorian indictment of idleness.

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