Synopses: ST1/Part 22

Cartoon Heroes
Waldorf’s Fantastic Trip (Part 1)
Tony King is a Geordie fireman. But when he comes off watch and sits down at his easel, he is also one of the brightest new cartoonists around. He invited Waldorf the mouse specially for Story Teller.

Great Myths and Legends
The Midas Touch
When greedy Midas asks a favour of the gods, he gets more – and less – than he bargained for. Midas was a documented figure in Greek history who somehow became a figure of fun. In some myths, the King even grows long asses’ ears.

Tales of Today
A Meal with a Magician
Mr Leakey is now an established star of children’s fiction. Here is an adaptation of the very first story from J.B.S. Haldane’s book, My Friend Mr Leakey, published by the Hutchinson Publishing Group Ltd.

Classic Fairy Stories
Eleven Wild Swans
More frightening and macabre than many of Hans Andersen’s stories, this riveting tale follows a classic romance format. After a series of tests and torments, the brave heroine earns a happy ending.

The Story Teller Serial
Timbertwig Catches a Marrow (Part 4)
Peet Ellison’s endearing hero is back with a new adventure in Wiggly Wood – another battle of wits with Granny Knot and another hatful of spells from Abigail the spider.

Rhymes and Verse
The Human Fly from Bendigo
The thrilling endeavours of an Australian trapeze artist come to a sad end. Doug MacLeod’s poem was first published by Australian Picture Puffins and in England by Kestrel Books.

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