Synopses: ST1/Part 21

Classic Fairy Stories
The Bold Little  Tailor
From the folk tale collection of the Grimm Brothers comes the story of a hero who always lived up to his boasts.

Famous Fables
The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Another Aesop story of rough justice in the animal world describes how a biter was bitten.

Folk Tales of the World
Wiser than the Czar
Dating from the time when the Serbs of Yugoslavia were under Russian rule, this story of a Serbian girl who stands up to her sovereign shows the triumph of good peasant wisdom.

Comic Heroes
Bobbie and the Magic Go-Kart
Elizabeth Ernest lives and writes in the romantic setting of an abandoned railway station. On the common nearby, her sons Craig and Lee drove their go-kart summer and winter until they quite outgrew it. From their four-wheeled adventures sprang the idea for a story. Artist Peter Western brings it to life.

The Story Teller Serial
(Part 4: Together in the Mountains)
In the final episode of this classic adaptation, Heidi is overjoyed to be back with Uncle Alp. But Peter’s strange behaviour when a very special visitor arrives puts her happiness at risk – until the Swiss mountains work their own unique magic.

The Magical World of Animals
The Mighty Rabbit
The Fan tribe of Africa still tell this tale today to explain why the elephant goes about rooting up trees with its trunk and why the hippopotamus spends all day standing in the river.

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