Synopses: ST1/Part 19

Classic Fairy Stories
Jack and the Beanstalk
In 1807 two “first” versions of “Jack” raced each other into print. But the folk tale on which they were based had already been told for a hundred years!

Folk Tales of the World
Why the Giraffe Can’t Speak
When African children were asked by UNICEF to recount stories heard at home in their village, a child from one tribe told this.

Great Myths and Legends
Sinbad and the Amazing Islands
From the seven voyages described in the Arabian Night Entertainments comes another fascinating if unlikely adventure with our hero.

Comic Heroes
The Book of Beasts (Part 1)
E. Nesbit, author of such books as The Railway Children and The Wouldbegoods, was also a masterly writer of short stories. This is an adaptation of a story last published by Puffin in a collection entitled The Last of the Dragons.

Rhymes and Verse
Car Attack
This poem, by Australian Doug McLeod, was first published by Kestrel Books (1981), then by Australian Picture Puffins (1982).

The Story Teller Serial
(Part 2: At Home with Grandfather)
It’s a lonely life high in the Alps. But nobody can be lonely for long when Heidi’s around!

Tales of Today
Hedge’s Problem Tree
Bill Horwood, author of the beset-selling children’s novel Duncton Wood, wrote this specially for Story Teller.

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