Synopses: ST1/Part 18

The Story Teller Serial
Heidi (Part 1)
For over a hundred years, Johanna Spyri’s story of a little Swiss girl has captured the imaginations of countless children. In this episode, the first of four parts specially abridged for Story Teller, Heidi goes to live with her grandfather in his lonely mountain chalet.

Rhymes and Verse
Father William
Lewis Carroll’s hilarious interview between father and son.

Great Myths and Legends
George and the Dragon
The story of George, patron saint of England, is a mixture of fact and fiction. He was a Christian martyr who was beheaded by the Emperor Diocletian on 23 April 303 AD. The story of George and the Dragon is a simple allegory expressing the triumph of Good over Evil.

Classic Fairy Stories
The Frog Prince
Long before this well-loved tale appeared in Grimms’ collection of fairy stories, its theme was a familiar one in medieval folklore: how a kiss could release someone from a curse placed on them.

Comic Heroes
Bubble and Squeek
From Peet Ellison, the creator of Timbertwig, comes an undersea adventure of two starfish who go to the annual fair with the help of a rhyming tortoise.

Tales of Today
No Mules
A comical story set in South Africa by writer and painter William Papas. Papas, who lives in Greece, produced special illustrations for this presentation of his story which was first published by Oxford University Press.

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