Synopses: ST1/Part 17

Great Myths and Legends
William Tell
This story of Switzerland’s most famous hero dates from the struggle of simple, working people to break Austria’s rule in 13th century.

Rhymes and Verse
I Saw a Ship a-Sailing
Anonymous nautical nonsense.

The Story Teller Serial
(Part 7: Home and Dry)
Pinnochio’s encounter with the Shark is almost as famous as Jonah’s with the Whale! Carlo Collodi maintains the suspense right up to the last page.

The Magic World of Animals
Anansi and the Fancy Dress Party
Central to the folk-lore and story-telling of the West Indies is Anansi. Depicted sometimes as a spiderlike man, sometimes as a spider with a man’s face, his mischief and cunning have much in common with Brer Rabbit, from the southern states of the USA.

Comic Heroes
Jojo’s Jigsaw Puzzle
The search of Peter Wingham’s new heroine and her dog takes them to the moon.

Classic Fairy Stories
Can You Keep a Secret?
This story is reproduced by kind permission of Barbara Ker Wilson, who has been compiling collections of short stories for children for thirty years. Here she tells a tale of her own invention about three sisters who can marry a prince – provided they keep his secrets.

Famous Fables
The Lion and the Peacock
An Indian fable in which a know-all peacock crows once too often.

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