Synopses: ST1/Part 16

Tales of Today
Sam’s Big Break
Written specially for Story Teller, Tessa Paul’s story will strike a chord with any child who has ever wanted to be bigger, braver, more like the leader of the gang.

Folk Tales of the World
The Mango-Seller
A story from the Buddhist Jataka commending forgiveness and humanity.

The Magical World of Animals
Hen-Hustler Kluk
On Eric Maple’s fantasy “animal farm”, chaos and anarchy seem to work. But it’s all very different when there is a change of management …

Classic Fairy Stories
Puss in Boots
When, in 1585, Puss was translated for the first time into French, its Italian original had been in print for 32 years. Its heroes, Constantino Fortunato and his Cunning Cat, were created by Gianfrancesco Straparola. Charles Perrault’s Chat Botte did not appear until 1697. The story arose independently in Scandinavia.

Comic Heroes
Grogre the Ogre (Part 3)
In this third episode of Kevin Carias’ story, Grogre’s bravery finally wins the day.

The Story Teller Serial
(Part 6: Journey into Playland)
Just one day away from becoming a real boy, Pinnochio is tempted astray by the lure of Playland. But life there is blissful: what snag can there be to a land where there is nothing to do but play?

2 thoughts on “Synopses: ST1/Part 16

  1. lilliputprincess says:

    I had listen to “The Mango-Seller” and recorded for my tape. But the narrator was an actress who didn’t have much credit or fame. And I thought: “Should I put lesser-knowns on my tapes?”

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