Synopses: ST1/Part 14

Great Myths and Legends
The Monster in the Labyrinth
Daedalos of Crete built an underground maze to house a bull-like monster. And an ancient Cretan civilisation built a conduit with over 1000 turnings. Together these may well have given rise to the Minotaur myth.

Famous Fables
Who’s Stronger?
Aesop’ story of a battle between wind and sun.

The Story Teller Serial
(Part 4: the Great Search)
Released from prison, the lonely puppet leads a dog’s life, and finds that all the loves is lost.

Rhymes and Verse
The Old Man of Torbay
The anonymous exploits of an English eccentric.

Folk Tales of the World
Scarlet Braces
Young Pat thinks his luck has turned when he catches a lucorpan – that’s Gaelic for “little-bodied one” – a leprechaun to you or me.

Comic Heroes
Grogre the Ogre (Part 1)
You may already know that ogres come in a variety of colours. But did you know that such colours denote wisdom, goodness, stupidity …? Peter Dennis draws this original story by Kevin Carias of one young ogre whose aim it is to become a Golden Ogre!

Classic Fairy Stories
In the Middle East a diamond anklet replaced the glass slipper. In England large elements of the story turn up in Cap o’Rushes. Even the North American Indians have their own version. But to most little girls, it is simply the best fairy story of all.

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