Synopses: ST1/Part 13

Classic Fairy Stories
The Tinder-Box
Hans Christian Andersen’s story of a poor soldier who “strikes lucky”. Originally published in Denmark, it is a version of Aladdin and his Magic Lamp from The Thousand and One Nights.

Comic Heroes
Ford’s Toy Cars (Part 2)
Ford goes to the rescue of his four-wheeled friends – but in the end it’s Ford who needs to be rescued.

Folk Tales of the World
Warrior Girl
Tombi fools the warriors and ends a sad chapter in the life of her tribe. This original story, set in the African veldt, is both written and illustrated by Tessa Paul.

The Story Teller Serial
(Part 3: the Field of Miracles)
The mischievous wooden puppet wants to see his money grow – so he plants it in the ground! But the Fox and the Cat are waiting close by to take advantage …

Tales of Today
Three Bald Spots
A haircut at the hands of your mother can be the unkindest cut of all. Joanne R. Butler’s understanding and amusing story first appeared in Cricket magazine.

The Magic World of Animals
The Ugly Duckling
Life’s tough for a baby duck who isn’t pretty for fluffy or small. But the uglly duckling does find a happy ending.

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