Synopses: ST1/Part 11

Classics for Children
Gulliver’s Travels (Part 2)
Jonathan Swift’s low opinion of politicians and their petty squabbling comes across in this concluding episode of Gulliver’s adventures in the miniature country of Lilliput.

The Story Teller Serial
Pinnochio (Part 1)
The first chapter of an ambitious new telling of the Italian classic. In preparing it, John Ford has returned to Carlo Collodi’s original book, since much of the story’s action and flavour has been lost by animators and adaptors. Storry Teller’s Pinnochio has been drawn in traditional style by Francis Phillipps – and even the puppet’s name is pronounced on the tape the Italian way.

Famous Fables
The Dog and the Bone
Greed and envy are lampooned in this simple story by Aesop.

Classic Fairy Stories
Sleeping Beauty
Charles Perrault was the first to publish a written version of this famous tale in his Histoires au contes du temps passe, in 1697 – and it still retains its original magic after all this time.

Rhymes and Verse
Walter Spaggot
A madcap poem by Hong Kong-based children’s author Peter Wesley-Smith. (Reprinted from Peter Wesley-Smith’s The Ombley-Gombley, with the permission of Angus & Robertson [UK] Ltd.)

The Magical World of Animals
Growling at Tigers
Donald Bisset has entertained children worldwide with his stories, both as a writer and a teller. (From Donald Bisset’s Talks with a Tiger, published by Methuen Children’s Books.)

Cartoon Heroes
Mike’s Bike (Part 2)
Where will Mike’s rocket-powered dream machine carry him?

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