Synopses: ST1/Part 10

Classics for Children
Gulliver’s Travels (Part 1)
The first of two episodes adapted from Jonathan Swift’s 18th century classic about a “giant” shipwrecked and marooned on the shores of a strange and mysterious land.

The Story Teller Serial
Dot and the Kangaroo
(Part 3: Dot Finds her way Home)
With the help of her friends in the bush, Dot is finally reunited with her parents. But not until she has stood trial in the Court of Animals.

Cartoon Heroes
Mike’s Bike (Part 1)
Mike has dreamed of owning a Spaceblazer. Then one day his daydreams roar into life … Nicholas Fisk brings a new hero to the pages of  Story Teller.

Classic Fairy Stories
The Three Wishes
What would you ask for if the fairies offered you three wishes? Wealth? Power? Beauty? One elderly couple find the offer a mixed blessing.

Great Myths and Legends
David and Golliath
The Old Testament story of a poor shepherd boy who fought the best soldier in the Philistine army in order to save the Israelites from slavery.

Folk Tales of the World
The Enchanted Horse
Out of the pages of the Arabian Nights gallops a Persian prince on a mechanical horse. To capture the essence of this Middle Eastern romance, Mark Capeland illustrates it in traditional style.

Rhymes and Verse
Mr Tom Narrow
What kind of a man would sell his granny? James Reeves writes of just such a villain in a poem taken from The Wandering Moon (publisher William Heinemann Ltd.).

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