Synopses: ST1/Part 3

Folk Tales of the World
The Great Big Hairy Boggart
This story is set in Ireland and tells how a bad-tempered, stupid boggart is outwitted by a farmer and his wife.

Rhymes and Verse
The Owl and the Pussycat
No collection of children’s verse would be complete without Edward Lear’s nonsense ballad.

The Story Teller Serial
Gobbolino the Knight’s Cat (Part 3)
The homeless witch’s kitten finds contentment with Lady Alice … but can it last?

Famous Fables
The Lion and the Mouse
Everyone has their uses – so never underestimate anybody. That’s the moral behind this story from Aesop’s Fables.

Tales of Today
Simon’s Canal
Hazel Townson’s charming story traces Simon’s acquaintance with the Canal right up to his Granny’s showdown with the “fearsome beast”.

Classic Fairy Stories
Hansel and Gretel
This well-known story of two children abandoned in the forest and triumphing over a witch is based on the text by the Brothers Grimm.

Cartoon Heroes
Aldo in Arcadia (Part 3)
A summons from the King lands Aldo and his vacuum in jail!

Great Myths and Legends
Child of the Sun
Many legends are attempts to explain the wonders of nature in human terms. This Red Indian tale tells of the passing seasons.

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