Story Teller 1: Part 4

st1-4And so it happened, as it eventually had to: Gobbolino earned his happy ending in this issue as his wish of becoming a kitchen cat came true. Thus concluded the first ever Story Teller serial and readers had to say a sad and fond goodbye to a much loved character. We weren’t to know then that Gobbolino would return for many more adventures: he reappeared in Christmas Story Teller 2 and 3 and indeed he starred in another (longer) serial in Story Teller 2.
As another tale ended, another began. A new cartoon hero was introduced in this issue: the chequered and stuttering Jester Minute who must battle the creature that gave many children nighmares: Badweb the giant spider. The two-part adventure was read by Nigel Lambert who also narrated hilarious Noisy Neighbours and the catchy rhyme, Rhubarb Ted.
Roy Hudd narrated the comical seasonal adventure, Santa’s Early Christmas, and the more serious Narana’s Strange Journey. Tina Jones read the lightweight fairy story The Princess and the Pea while Marian Hepworth reminded us of the importance of saving for a rainy day in The Ant and the Grashopper.

One thought on “Story Teller 1: Part 4

  1. M'lady says:

    I hope you continue reviewing these magazines I lost or had most of my collection given to charity shops (well you know what it’s like when people say your too old for these things) all I managed to salvage was a majority of part 2 so it’s lovely seeing some of these covers again.
    This makes me feel all nostalgic *sigh*
    Thank you for the blast from the past I’ve been trying to find a picture of the Jester for ages.

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